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Below is a description outlining each of the fields you need to complete for the redirection service.

It's important to remember that you can change any of the details below whenever you like using your Username and chosen password.

Help Screen
1. Username: The username is your proposed new web site name. For example, by typing in samplesite, your new address would become Please don't get your Username mixed up with Your Name: which is described below in point 4. When you wish to modify your details, you need to include Username and your Password. If you enter Your Name: and Password, you'll get an error message. If you keep this in mind, you'll have no problems in modifying your details whenever you wish.

2. Your Current URL: This is your current web address and the one which your new web address will point. For example if your current web site is that is the address you would need to enter. Your new web address would then direct vistors to that site via your new web address.

3. Your Email Address: A valid email address needs to be enter to use this service. Your email address will only be used to advise of any problems etc.

4. Your name: Your name means just that. It's used when addressing correspondence to you.

5. WebSIte Title: This is the title you would like to appear at the top of a browser window when a vistor types in your web address. This will only be relevant if you set "Cloaking On" which is described in point 9.

6. Your Desired Password: Select a pass word that you can easily remember. If you lose a password, you'll need to sign up again unless you wish to pay a small fee to get your old password back. At this stage, we offer anyway of recovering lost passwords without "manually" doing it. Thus the fee.

7. WebSite Description: If you submit your new web address to search engines etc, this is the description that is provided in the way of a Meta Tag. However, you should still use your original web address to register with search engines. In effect, you have two listings that can be submitted for the same site.

8. Website Keywords: Once again, if you submit your new web address to search engines, these will be the keywords that are used to rank your site. As in point 7, your should still register your "original" web address so that you end up with two listings point to the same web site.

9. URL Cloaking: Now you have a choice of Cloaking On or Cloaking Off. The choice is yours.

Cloaking On Option: If you have Cloaking On, then visitors will only ever see your new web address in the location bar of their browser window. In effect, they will not be aware that they browsing a site with a completely different web address to the one which they type in. This is a great option for directing to affiliate programs.

Cloaking Off Option: If you chose this option, the web address in the browsers Location bar will show your old web address. Also, a delay page will be encountered as a Meta-Refresh process takes place to include the old web address in the Location bar.

Ultimately, the choice of cloaking is yours.To give you an idea of the cloaking option, why not trying the following links to see what happens.
Cloaking On.
Cloaking Off.

And finally, don't forget that none of the options you select are permanent. By using your password and Username, you can make any changes whenever you like.

If you have any questions, please send an email to the





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