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By using this redirection service, you no longer need to worry about long and complicated web addresses. In addition, the new web address which you create also hides the actual address to which you are directing visitors. Another great feature is portability. If you move your main web site or decide to promote another web site, you can simply modify you details using a password, and have your existing web address point to the new location. Your visitors will have absolutely no idea that anything has changed. It also means that all previous promotions of this web address will still allow vistors to find your site.

For example, if your existing web address is something like this: you can use the re-direction service to change it to something like this: I think you'll agree that it would be easier to promote and certainly looks much more professional. Also, what if you decide to move your existing web site. If your using the re-direction service, it's just a matter of modifying your details and pointing the web address you created to your new web site. Therefore if you moved from members/users/37464.html to usersarea/users/tyhs.html the web address you initially created using the re-redirection service can be made to point to your new web address. All your previous promotions for you old web site will now direct visitors to your new web site without them knowing another has changed. With this web address portability, you no longer need to worrying about moving sites because you have full control over where your visitors are directed.

How much does this cost. Well, most re-redirection services require that you accept a pop-up banner advertisement or a delay page which also contains banner advertising. As you can imagine, your visitors could easily miss visiting your site because one of these intercepting banner ads just might lead them away. It also doesn't look professional. So to allow us to get around this issue, we provide 2 options.

Option 1.
The service is
FREE if you submit two web addresses to our sister directory or

Option 2.
You agree to pay a
yearly fee.

After you've had a look at both options, I'm sure you'll choose one which suits your needs.

Finally, you also need to accept our
Terms and Conditions before using this service.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an



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